Our Head Office is based in Perth and with local site offices nationwide we provide flexible IT support and solutions throughout the UK

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Back-up and business recovery

It is crucial to establish that important data is being properly managed and secured and that your business has the ability to deal with the unexpected. Where suitable across multiple sites, solutions using tape or data mirroring can be set up.

On-line backup solutions are usually configured to be automated, secure, quick, simple and scalable. We also advise clients on disaster recovery planning, ensuring that the business can carry on in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The crucial factor in an effective disaster recovery plan is the vigilant process of backing up critical data. After a disaster such as fire or flood you need to have the capability to access up to date information as soon as possible.

We help our clients by reviewing their systems, software and hardware, procedures and processes and instigate a comprehensive plan that will replicate all that is required to ensure business continuity.